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A few common questions we get

1What is Lawfordable?
Lawfordable is a service that partners with labor unions, non-profits and small employers to provide their members or employees access to on-demand, full-service legal help, all for a low monthly fee. Lawfordable will match participants up with qualified attorneys in their area. Depending on the type of legal help that is needed, some matters are provided at no-cost to the participant and others are offered at flat fees or discounted hourly rates. Learn more about what we do and see our plan here.
2How do I pay for my membership?
Lawfordable partners with organizations directly so our plan is offered at no cost to the members or employees of that organization. Of course, the participant is responsible for any payments due to the law firm for legal matters that are not included in the plan and have been offered at a discount. Once your organization is signed up with Lawfordable, we will receive an eligibility list from your employer or union and we could get started immediately. You can look at our plan here.
3Do I get to choose my attorney?
That’s what’s great about Lawfordable, we’ve done the work for you. Lawfordable will set you up with an attorney based on the type of legal help you are seeking and your location. We only work with qualified and experienced lawyers, so you don’t have to stress about finding the right one -- we do it for you. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the attorney we’ve connected you with, give us a call and we could discuss other options.
4Will I always work with the same attorney?
It depends. Lawfordable will match you up with an attorney whose practice matches the type of legal help you’re seeking. We only choose firms that are experienced and dedicated to customer service to ensure your experience is exceptional.
5How does Lawfordable save me money?
We’ve simplified the process to save you time and money. Instead of paying hefty out-of-pocket fees for a few interactions with a lawyer, Lawfordable gives you unlimited access to legal help for one low monthly payment. Through our included services, flat fees and discounts, participants will save hundreds or even thousands of dollars every time they access the plan.

For Interested Organizations

1Are legal services a good benefit to provide to my members or employees?
Many of your members or employees will face problems over the next year where legal help will be needed - whether financial challenges, family issues, or criminal situations. Having easy access to free legal consultations encourages members to seek any legal help they may need rather than incurring stress or anxiety that may negatively impact them or their workday.
2How does Lawfordable work for my organization?
Lawfordable offers your organization an extremely valuable benefit in the form of accessible, affordable legal counsel. After you sign-up, you simply send a monthly eligibility report along with the payment. Your members or employees can immediately start using the benefits under plan.
3What’s a “white label” plan and how does it work?
Lawfordable will work with your organization to create branded materials specific to your organization. Your organization will still receive the same great rate and benefits from Lawfordable, but plans will be branded to showcase your organization in order to build a better relationship and connection to your employee or membership base, keeping workers protected and proud to be part of your organization.
4How does Lawfordable save my members money?
Our legal plan offers significant discounts and free services to members. Having affordable, accessible legal help builds trust and boosts morale within your organization, and gives your employees or members invaluable services and benefits that will improve their lives.
5What sort of services will be provided for my members?
We offer a variety of included services and discounts. You can read more about our plan here.

For Provider Attorneys

1How can I get involved with Lawfordable?
Here at Lawfordable, we take pride in working with experienced and hardworking law firms dedicated to customer service from all over the country. When attorneys work with us, they’ll be connected with local clients in need of their specific areas of practice. To learn more about working with Lawfordable and servicing local organizations, reach out to us today. We look forward to welcoming you to our network!

Who’s Covered?

Your plan covers you, your spouse/partner, and your dependents.

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